Bulk Candy Vending for Gum and for Profit

How to Create a Monthly Income Stream of $500 (or more) in Your Spare Time | taught by Scott Jackson

Course description


This course guides the student step by step through the process of creating and successfully operating a bulk candy vending business. The subject matter is approached from a professional, project management perspective, with an emphasis on detailed planning in all facets of the business, including machine selection, product choice, and locating techniques. The premise of the course is that anyone can create a substantial, reliable second income from bulk candy vending using the methods employed by experienced vending operators.

At the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Plan the launch of a bulk candy vending business
  • Select the best bulk candy vending machines
  • Select the best products to vend
  • Find profitable vending locations
  • Service your route efficiently
  • Track revenues and expenses
  • Generate a Monthly Income Stream of $500 (or more) in your spare time

Scott Jackson
Scott Jackson
Instructor and Author

J. Scott Jackson, PMP, is a corporate business professional, management consultant, and vending entrepreneur.